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July 12, 2016
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A Letter to the PA Elected Officials and the Working Class
by Bryan Carter and Teresa M. Lundy

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Black bodies lay almost trending the media headlines sparking outrage! Along with the spikes in social media and commentary discussions across the country, what can the working-class person do?

Too many times we've heard the same conclusions - A Black man was shot dead for doing/having X and by X, recorded by X and prosecuted by no one (unfortunately you can fill in the blanks with many names). In 2011 and 2014, Philadelphia’s own Albert Purnell and Brandon Tate Brown, both were victims of police shootings.

Last week we were supposed to “celebrate” Independence Day, but more Black men died by the hands of police throughout the week: Alton Sterling, Delrawn Small, Philando Castile, “Strange Fruit”, an unidentified Black man found hung from a tree and many others on an extensive list.

There shouldn’t be a list to justify why it is imperative that we move in a direction of reform on the local, state and federal levels of government.

No life, black, blue, or any person regardless of background, should be taken.
No one has to die. You have the power to change the headlines.
We have the power to change our socio-economic system and interactions.

PA State Representatives and Philadelphia Councilmembers where are we with change?

Here's our response to you...

We want to trust that you'll have our best interest at heart. We want to know with action, conviction and public displays of affection, that you will not allow our 588 peers slain this year to die by “justified” deaths. We want to know that you’re taking these actions personal because you know what it’s like to lose a loved one to violence.

We want you to acknowledge the lack of our story in history books, as if the damnation regarding people of color is a figment of our imagination.

All of you hold an office which would SPEAK for the working class far into unfamiliar spaces.

You have the power to enact police reform and new laws, by holding those persons accountable for their actions. Call them out! That’s why we (your constituents) selected councilmembers who then goes to serve on the various committees which is intended to affect change to a particular issue.

Again, it is why we selected state representatives to advocate for our communities for responsible legislation on the City level.

In the face of adversity, police unions and those that still seek to harm the populace - are those convictions now haunting you?

Will you go along with brothers in arms and single out the commanders orchestrating systematic chaos we find prevalent in the country?

A message to the working class

You have the power to change the lives of others, for better, or for worse. You have the capacity to do great things. First, you must believe in it. You must then acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong with not knowing how you can help those around you.

Address your fears.
Address your ignorance.
We all have a part to play in the coming days.

Plan, write and execute your frustrations to your elected official. Hopefully, legislation can take place within our City.

Let them know we will hold them accountable for any misappropriation of funding in the use of taxpayer dollars or abuse of power.

We all have a duty and a mission, let's do it together, NOW before it's too late-again...

Find your City Councilmember: PHL Council
Find your PA State Representative: Find Your Legislator

-Bryan Carter, Publisher, Main Course PHL and Teresa M. Lundy, Principal, TML Communications