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March 6, 2015
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Introducing Obioma Martin
by Lena Ma

John B KellyFor centuries, women have been the backbone of most successes, from community support to childcare to housework, this society would not be functioning as it is now without the power of women behind it. However, the impact women can make have gone unnoticed and unappreciated because of the societal gender view that women should be seen and not heard, and should only work labored jobs so they can care for their children and husbands. Women are even subjected to domestic violence because men have decided that it is okay for them to do so because they are more “powerful” and should have the right of passage. This needs to stop. No longer should women continue to take abuse and no longer should women be told that they are not good enough to live out their passions. Obioma Martin, an empowerment advocate for women’s rights, has impacted the world with her vision to allow other women to live out theirs.

Obioma Martin is the founder of OMART Training and Development and OMART Women Supporting Women to provide childcare services and professional workshops to allow both women and men to sustain work and get off welfare. Her mission seeks to support women who want to live their dreams of starting business or returning to school and to help put an end to domestic violence by providing frequent consultations and events to educate and empower women to be their best. She even holds a retreat in August to allow women to train and connect with others who have passions for running successful businesses. She has had a 100% success rate in helping over 2000 women go from welfare to receiving the credentials required to go back to school.

But Martin does not only have a strong desire to help women stand up on their feet. She is also passionate about providing quality education to schools and day care centers around the world. She received an associate degree in early childhood education from the Community College of Philadelphia, a bachelor’s degree in childcare management from Chestnut Hill College and a masters in early childhood education and leadership from Arcadia University. In 2002, she opened a daycare center that she ran for five years until she decided that she wanted to do more to impact and nurture the lives of children. In 2008, she realized that many day care centers lacked the resources and teachers to provide consistent care and learning for the children and so she turned to agencies to train and employ those who are struggling with welfare. This not only helps children receive better education but it also benefits those who need the confidence to stay employed and off of welfare.

This is not all there is. Martin plans to start her own college for education and entrepreneurship in order to teach and reach out to those globally. She inspires us with her words, “I would tell others to get connect and have a network because this world is so strong that you never know who knows who and you cannot survive alone”. Her words speak truth. We all have different goals and passion in life but only with the help of others can we truly succeed.

On March 22, Obioma Martin will be holding a networking and empowerment event for women in support of OMART Women Supporting Women, featuring inspirational panel speakers and vendors who contribute to this celebratory, yet powerful, event, providing the message that all women should love and treasure themselves.

For tickets and more information about OMART Women Supporting Women