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April 10, 2014
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ConKerr Cancer Pajama Party
by Nova Sankofa

ConKerr Cancer PJ Party Recap As soon as I entered the Please Touch Museum where the Conkerr Cancer Pajama Party was being held, the sound of upbeat music and laughter foreshadowed what would be a great night filled with plenty of activities, laughter, and food.

From the River Adventures to the Please Touch Garage to the carousel, children in pajamas filled the museum with joyful energy. A live DJ provided the soundtrack for the night and even turned the museum foyer into a dance floor at times.

“What time is it?!”
“Toki time!”

ConKerr Cancer PJ Party RecapThe Traditional Okinawan Karate Institute from West Chester, Pennsylvania provided an interactive demonstration filled with punches, kicks, and smiles.

Food was diverse and plentiful, thanks to all the caterers present. Everything from cold cut sandwiches to fried chicken was available.

It wouldn't have been a ConKerr Cancer party without the handmade blankets the organization is well known for. Even Swoop, the Philadelphia Eagles mascot, got in on the action and was seen behind a sewing machine, SEWING!

ConKerr Cancer PJ Party RecapIn conclusion, the ConKerr Cancer Pajama Party was an awesome event and I'm sure to be one of many people looking forward to it every year from here on out.

Photography by Max Grudzinski