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April 24, 2014
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The First Annual Fantasy Hair Gala
by Jamillia Kamara

The First Annual Fantasy Hair Gala - Jamillia Kamara On a brisk Sunday evening, Michelle “The Stylist” Edmonds hosted the first annual Fantasy Hair Gala at the African American Museum. Michelle is a self-described “hair artist” who has dedicated her life to inspiring hair creations, styling, maintenance, and health.

Her vision for the Fantasy Hair Gala was simple. Edmonds “wanted to create a black tie event where fashion and hair could be celebrated.” To this end, Michelle and her team succeeded. The show opened with an impressive dance routine performed by the young ladies of Bodies in Motion. They effortlessly showcased their flexibility and confidence with a series of high-energy, perfectly timed moves that would make even the most uptight grandmother wiggle. My stiff, non-dancer body needs to take a lesson with them at some point.

The night continued with two fashion shows intermixed with an additional dance routine. The first featured models donned in eclectic forms of bubble wrap, complete with neon accents. Who knew the possibilities for a simple packaging tool could span pencil skirts, Marilyn Monroe inspired dresses, tube tops, and bandeau wraps?!

As a former playground champion of I Declare War, the second fashion show was my favorite. This segment gave me flashbacks to the massive amounts of gobstoppers I collected as prizes for my card game winnings. The cards were creatively used to dress models of all sizes. If that was not enough, the power portrayed in each high fashion hairstyle was indescribable. You had to be there.

Each model showcased an exquisite display of hair artistry to complement the fashion they featured. Most memorable was an asymmetric bob slayed by a model with a killer “dress of cards.” Color blocked with fiery red, the striking black bob stole the show and the accompanying dress easily consisted of four card decks.

Edmonds has high hopes for the 2nd Annual Fantasy Hair Gala. As she reflected on the night holding a congratulatory bouquet of assorted spring flowers, Edmonds smiled proudly. “This was a learning experience for me…hair is my life. It is a part of everything I do. Next year, [the show] will be better, and I am excited about what is to come.”

Connect with Michelle on her website at, or on Twitter at @newlyfe1121.

Photography by Ebony Lavone.