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October 15, 2016
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GoBelieve Smash Bros. Tournament (Wii U Edition) Round 4
Friday, October 28

GoBelieve Super Smash Bros. Tournament Round 4

At GoBelieve, networking is a key component to becoming successful, yet not the easiest task to accomplish. Being young entrepreneurs themselves, they discovered “gaming” is an activity capable of building relationships, trust and teamwork within their company. After implementing gaming as a training technique, GoBelieve noticed turnover rates for employees and interns all but cease to exist. Millions of people across the world of all ages come home after a stressful day of work and play hours of video games talking, laughing and having fun with people across the planet. These are the same individuals whom are usually shy in the physical world, rarely letting people see their talents or their truest self.

GoBelieve has found a way to merge the professional world of networking with the adventurous entertaining world of gaming.

With great pleasure GoBelieveCulture would like to introduce the “GoBelieve Smash Tournament”. An event like no other guaranteed to bring professionals together from all backgrounds. This upscale event will create lasting relationships both personal and professional, all while enjoying the tasty delicacies and beautiful view of the Pyramid Club.

Thank You in advance for allowing GoBelieve LLC to inspire in our own unique way. Refreshments will be provided.

Friday, October 28 2016
Time: 5pm-10pm
Location: Pyramid Club, 1735 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Single Entry - $25
Team Entry - $25
Double Entry - $35
Spectator - $15

Tournament Rules
Dress Code - Business casual is recommended. Nice fitting denim is accepted (not baggy). Casual clothing such as shorts, tube or midriff tops, athletic shoes and athletic wear are not appropriate attire and will not be allowed into the establishment so please dress to impress.

Match Rules
2 Stock
6 Minute time limit
Items set to “off” and “none”
Customs set to “off”
Pause set to “off”

Team Brawler Specific Rules
8 Minute time limit
Life stealing is allowed
Both team members must be present for a team to be eligible to start the match. If there's a situation where one team member can't make it the team will either have a partner assigned or the team will forfeit.
Players must pick the closest color to their teammate as possible

Stages Allowed
Final Destination
Final Destination Form stages

Players will decide stages with Rock-Paper-Scissors, and the winner of the match will determine the next stage.

To register, click here.

To learn more about GoBelieveCulture, visit them at