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November 2, 2014
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Acereel Studio
by Morgan Jerkins

 Cooking Up Couture On August 24, 2014, Darryl and Chante Bradley of Acereel Multi-Media and Entertainment Studio, LLC hosted 17... Days of Fashion "The Art of Fashion" Exhibit and Runway Show, an event that benefited Operation Save Our City. Besides a decade of branding themselves as photographers and media connoisseurs, Darryl and Chante Bradley have invested their time into several philanthropic and networking events, such as The Smooches Movement, an effort to foster self-esteem in young women through modeling and fashion, and Girls Night Out Photo Parties, where a marketing concept where the everyday woman can feel beautiful despite society's strict aesthetic standards.

MJ: Hello Mrs. Bradley, My name is Morgan Jerkins and I'm a part of Main Course. Thank you for taking the time out to respond to my interview questions.

CB: Hello Morgan, thanks so much for your interest.

MJ: Now Mrs. Bradley, according to your website, AceReel Studio was once a dream for you and your husband, but thankfully, it's a present-day reality. Tell me, how did you and husband conceive the idea of AceReel Studio and how did you both go about bringing it to life?

CB: It was always a dream of my husbands to be an Entrepreneur. He tried many multi-level marketing businesses; however, it was not until he started to learn graphic design and then photography that Acereel Studio became an idea and ultimately a reality.

MJ: Your 17... Days of Fashion "The Art of Fashion" Exhibit and Runway Show has been shown for five years and counting. Have you always been partnered with Operation Save Our City and if not, how did you establish this affiliation?

CB: For many years, we partnered with The Women's Heart Foundation since heart disease is the number one killer of African American women; however, this year we decided to partner with Operation Save Our City in response to the increase of violence that currently plagues our community. The founder, Rosalind Picardo, is a close friend and also a Smooches Model who recently lost her brother to gun violence. Trying to find justice for her brother's murder led her to this mission. Over the last year, she has built a strong movement by organizing peace walks and rallies in the city of Philadelphia to promote peace. She also coordinates events for the youth to keep them off the streets and away from activity that leads to violence. We wanted to salute Rosalind and support her by bringing awareness to her mission.

MJ: For those of us who are not from the Philadelphia area, could you run us a few numbers or statistics about the city's violence problem and how it affects the community?

CB: A report done back in February 2013 indicated that Philadelphia ranked 4th in the highest crime ranking out of the 33 largest cities. So far this year, we've had 166 murders in Philadelphia.

MJ: Do any of the art pieces or designs reflect this sort of communal theme?

CB: The artists brought pieces that represented who they are as artists. There was an assortment of artwork. The artwork did not represent any one theme.

MJ: What do you hope to achieve at the end of the event besides many donations?

CB: Our goal was to bring awareness to Operation Save Our City. To tell the world about her mission to bring about change in our community. Perhaps more will join her rallies, her peace walks and support her mission. There is strength in numbers, and when we are united we can be heard -THE VIOLENCE NEEDS TO STOP!!

MJ: First, how was the event?

CB: The event was a definitely success. Many people supported the event by making donations or by coming out to the event.

MJ: If there is one thing that you think you can improve upon for next year, what would it be?

CB: Each year, our goal is to make each event bigger in terms of who we able to reach and better in terms how strategic we are at planning. We will continue to partner with organizations that work and make an effort to help the health or welfare of our community.

To learn more about Acereel Studio visit their website