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March 30, 2015
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The Art of Noise
by Brooke Brunson

Carl Madison A subcultural movement that began in the 1970’s, hip-hop has always been a musical outlet or form of self-expression for many people. With each rap and story-telling lyric that flows within the rhyme, there is always a message behind the music. On Friday January 9, 2015 I had a chance to check out an amazing event called “The Art of Noise: The Hip-Hop Project”. The host of the event was Philadelphia’s own Hakim Woods aka Haak Blast. A local MC, Promoter, and hip-hop enthusiast, he is heavily active within the hip-hop culture. Besides Hakim, two other important people that helped put together the event included local music producer, hip-hop enthusiast, and former DJ Carl Madison, and local producer, and hip-hop enthusiast DJ Tactics.

DJ Tactics Including some help from Philly blogger, writer, editor, and marketing skills expertise Lissa Alicia, she is also a writer for various magazines and one of the founding staff to Philadelphia’s fresh new arts and entertainment lifestyle magazine “Main Course.” Taking place at the KUNFU NECK TIE bar on 1250 N Front Street from 11pm-2am, the evening consisted of performances by Carl Madison, Baccyard recordz, Grand Agent, Lyrispect, Kae Hock, and special invited guests Malik B Of The Roots & Yikes The Zero. A surprise performance by Dice Raw of the Roots who performed "Clones" with Malik of the Roots while on stage together, an art show that featured Rob Woods and Ebony R & Emerge and the main focal point of it all, a duo record release party for both Carl Madison/Malik B of The ROOTS and Baccyard Recordz. Throughout the evening, the crowd was pumped and energized with DJ Tactics spinning in the background. You could feel the energy in the crowd as each performer graced the stage.

Haak BlastA few days later after the event, I had a chance to sit down and talk Carl Madison, Hakim Woods, and DJ Tactics. From the engaging and insightful conversation that I had with these young men, I realized more about hip-hop then I could have ever known. To begin with, the Art of Noise is a collective of shows that was started by Hakim Woods and two other local MC’s Lyfe 2000 and Shabazz back in the late 90’s. Over the years, the shows have gained great popularity by showcasing various Underground artists, MC’s, graffiti artists, DJ’s, and much more. Some major names include Musiq Soulchild, Carl Madison, Shabazz, Dj Ghetto, DJ Aktive, The Lost Children of Babylon, Razor Ramone, Rob Woods, and much more. With such a long list of names, it’s no wonder why each show is a hit. At the end of the day, the most important key to hip-hop is being original. Bringing your own flavor and twist into the mix while also expressing a part of yourself.

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