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October 9, 2014
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We Are All Made of Stars at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery
by Mary Anna Rodabaugh

We Are All Made of Stars at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery
Absolute Magnitude

Luminous, celestial and transcendent. These are just a few words that describe Kristin Schattenfield-Rein’s exhibit, We Are All Made of Stars. The 41-piece exhibit is currently featured at the Bluestone Fine Art Gallery at 142 N. 2nd Street.

Schattenfield-Rein’s collection is inspired by two things. As a mother of two young children, parenthood has become a sort of muse. The second piece of inspiration is the notion that our world was created by the death of a star; meaning we are all made from stardust. She combines these elements to demonstrate creation, growth and change.

Forming is made of oil, interference and enamel. The nocturnal painting is half textured, half smooth. Hash marks make up the right half of the piece, weaving in and out to form a rugged tapestry. A brilliant view of stars floating in space sits on the left. The transition between the smooth galactic sky and the edgy hash marks appears effortless. You have to look closely to see the changeover taking place.

Forming Bluestone Fine Art Gallery

“The hash work is sort of the growth part of the pieces,” Schattenfield-Rien said. “Parenthood is about building and also about destruction. You build your children up but also, at times, break them down.”

The Stars in Our Blood is created with oil, oil bar, interference and gold dust on poured enamel. The large piece contains stardust explosions that evoke the image of fireworks. A dripping, light greyish web also appears several times throughout the painting. This effect is achieved with layers of enamel and oil paint. The oil and enamel fight with one another as turpentine is added. This process creates an eerie ghosting effect.

Ephemeris Bluestone Fine Art Gallery

This technique is especially evident in her piece, Ephermis. At first glance, it appears as if you are looking at a dark and ghostly reflecting pond. However, the piece is not a body of water at all. It is an element of space and time characterized by various shades of blue, gold dust and the artist’s trademark ghosting webs in the foreground.

Antimatter Bluestone Fine Art Gallery “This is a big departure of my past work,” Schattenfield-Rein said. “My past work was much more, reticulated.”

Three pieces depart from the bright celestial theme. Antimatter, is a dark work made of oil, graphite and enamel. This painting resembles a magnificent tree trunk covered in textured layers of bark. It is presented in a shimmering three-dimensional greyscale.

Several of Schattenfield-Rein’s pieces contain traces of the Fibonacci sequence spiral. Combine her nebula-like galaxy with a defined spiral littered with hash marks and you have Absolute Magnitude. While observing this painting it appears to be in motion. In the center of the spiral is a golden orb. The brilliant stars surrounding the spiral radiate a purple hue, similar to illustrations of star bodies surrounding the Milky Way. The painting is simply mesmerizing.

We Are All Made of Stars gives viewers ample material to form unique interpretations of Schattenfield-Rien’s celestial works. This exhibit is the perfect setting for quiet contemplation, thought-provoking inspiration and a magical look back into how we all were made.