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October 23, 2014
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Cooking Up Couture
by Shenelle Malcolm

 Cooking Up Couture For the first time ever, fashion and food came together in an event which bears the name Cooking Up Couture.

The event, which was held on August 22, 2014, was produced by Faux Gourmet owner Katie Everett and Embacy Entertainment owner and CEO Dawane L. Cromwell. Cooking Up Couture not only showcased fine food and fashion but also aided in the fight to end hunger in the Delaware Valley by donating the proceeds to Philabundance.

Upon hearing about the event, I was rather interested in seeing the fusion of the two elements. I wondered how a collection would fuse with a food showcase. How was this event going to feed its guest food and fashion palettes in a cohesive manner?

However, any doubts that I had about the execution of the event were laid to rest when I was greeted by two ladies who were in the most fashionable aprons I have ever seen to date. It was then clear that this event would have no problem with its execution for the organizers were simply genius.


 Cooking Up Couture The night began with the VIP Cocktail reception which was hosted by spike TV’s Bar Rescue Chef Brian Duffy. The cocktail reception brought about signature drinks, great conversation, fashion illustration by Denise Fike and great food. Local and celebrity chefs including Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi, Brad Spence of Amis, Nathan Lingle of 10 Arts Bistro and lounge, Food Network Star Finalist Lovely, as well the graduates from the Philabudance community kitchen, who all helped to create the excellent cocktail experience.

The fashion show which displayed designs by both Ayo Lee Couture and Faux Gourmet followed after and may I say the fashion was breathtaking and took us on an amazing trip to the 60s. The modern rendition of 60s fashion from the Ayo Lee Collection with the presence of shift dresses, petticoats jumpsuit and the prominent flower power gave a easy transition to the aprons in which Faux Gourmet had to showcase.

My favorite piece from the Ayo Lee collection would have to be the blue and white striped shift dress. The piece was simply beautiful and embodied the entire 60s era with its seersucker feel and Peter Pan collar.

 Cooking Up Couture As for the aprons, let me first say this: I have never been so excited to view an apron in my life or thought of the outfits that they would go well with it if I were to ever host a party, but these aprons resemble nothing like the one your or my grandmother wore in the early 60s but they rather resembled a retro chic fashion accessory. There were aprons with feather, leather, lace, and tutus, and all made me more excited than the other to prepare a meal. Whoever said fashion could not exist in the kitchen lied, because Katie Everett has proven otherwise.

The overall event was well thought out and incredibly well-executed. It is always nice to see a social gathering that not only showcase talent and also contribute to the greater community.

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