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December 28, 2016 Capcom Cup 2017 Winner

Capcom Cup 2017

by Martin Weiss

20 year-old Du Dang hails from Tampa, Florida. On Sunday, December 4, 2016, he became the first American since 2002 to win a Street Fighter World... read more

October 22, 2016 Robert Shearn III

Catching up with Robert Shearn III

by Main Course PHL

Pursuing acting is one of the hardest jobs around. It’s not about fortune and fame. You have to love the craft to succeed... read more

September 5, 2016 Zang talks gaming

Zang talks Otakon, Pokken and Gaming

by The MC

Rob Zheng aka Zang is a competitive gamer hailing from Langhorne, PA 30 minutes north of Philadelphia. His reason for participating in Philly’s... read more

April 22, 2016 'YU-GI-OH!' April Banlist 2016

'YU-GI-OH!' April Banlist 2016

by Martin Weiss

With the April 11, 2016 forbidden/limited list, players are predicting that Kozmo, Monarch, and Burning Abyss to be among the top decks in tournament play... read more

February 28, 2016 2016 Academy Awards Prediction

2016 Academy Awards Predictions

by Jeremy Pierce

Jeremy Pierce gives us his predictions of the 88th Academy Awards also known as the Oscars... read more

February 9, 2016 Yugioh - Winter Emergency Banlist 2016

Winter Emergency Banlist 2016

by Martin Weiss

This would mark the first time in about ten years that there was (as players refer to it as) an “emergency banned list”... read more

December 24, 2015 'YU-GI-OH!' Tournament Analysis: Regional in Brooklyn, New York

'YU-GI-OH!' Tournament Analysis: Regional in Brooklyn, New York

by Martin Weiss

As players of the "YU-GI-OH! Trading Card Game" welcomed the November 9, 2015 forbidden/limited list, they reminisce of the cards that are now forbidden but were allowed during the July 16, 2015... read more

December 24, 2015 History in the Making

History in the Making

by Jeremy Pierce

A Black woman saying she’s experienced discrimination doesn’t mean that women in general don’t have a hard time in acting... read more

October 5, 2015 Yugioh: New Jersey Regional Tournament Report

Yugioh: New Jersey Regional Tournament Report

by Martin Weiss

At the start of round 1, Joe announced there were 375 players... read more

April 13, 2015 The Hollywood Diversity Problem

The Hollywood Diversity Problem

by Jeremy Pierce

2014 and 2015 have been a banner year for ethnic diversity on TV and it looks to continue... read more

April 7, 2015 Chanel Ali - Tweet Chat Tuesdays

Tweet Chat Tuesdays

by Adriana Fraser

It’s comedy central this April on Tweet Chat Tuesdays! Join us on Twitter for some laughs as we get a peak behind the curtain of two rising comedians that are bringing on the funny while vying for the crown of comedy!!! read more

March 30, 2015 DLC is out of Control - Andre Sapp

DLC is out of Control

by Andre Sapp

Today, consumers are paying $60 for a demo and, on average, another $25 to play the full game. The $25 figure stems from the cost of a season pass to have full... read more

March 16, 2015 Tweet Chat Tuesdays - Mac Mart Truck

Tweet Chat Tuesdays

by Adriana Fraser

Join Main Course as we dish you the latest on all things Mac Mart! Be a part of the conversation using #AskMacMart and you could be entered in our upcoming giveaway!!! read more

March 4, 2015 The Puerto Rican Connection

The Puerto Rican Connection

by Marc Londo

My team and family come first. I always have my family with me, so it makes me very comfortable, having my family there. And, who knows me better than my family... read more

January 31, 2015 The Return of Tweet Chat Tuesdays

The Return of Tweet Chat Tuesdays

by Adriana Fraser

Tweet Chat Tuesdays are back bringing you the inside scoop on what's going on! Join us every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month as we chat with a distinguished guest and give you... read more

January 26, 2015 Boxing in Philly

Boxing in Philly

by Mohamad Elmahmoud

Philly has much to offer in the fight game: we will revisit the Lightweight bout between Terence Crawford and Ray Beltran that took place in Omaha Nebraska. We will touch on... read more

January 15, 2015 Forza Horizon 2 Review

Forza Horizon 2 Review

by Donovan Taylor

Being one of the most anticipated racing games this year, Forza Horizon 2 blows you away with stunning graphics and high speed racing from the fans of street racing circuit all the way to off-road racing... read more

January 08, 2015 A Social Study with Sanford D. Jenkins

A Social Study with Sanford D. Jenkins

by Bryan Carter

I’d like to believe a lot of things about the world. Of these truths is one regarding the chill of today. I will never gather enough bravery again to embrace this type of Antarctic breeze throughout the core of my brittle husk I call a body... read more

October 23, 2014 The Philadelphia Geek Awards

The Philadelphia Geek Awards

by Ruthann Alexander

Philadelphians dressed to the nines for the Philadelphia Geek Awards presented by Geekadelphia on Saturday, Aug 16 at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University... read more

October 19, 2014 Gaming in Philadelphia

Gaming in Philadelphia

by David Cherry

Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities in the world to have a good time with friends, but it's possibly an even greater city if you’re a competitive gamer. The competitiveness of the arcade has been around for more than 30 years, and although the idea of the arcade may have waned in the 2000's... read more

October 2, 2014 Team Garcia puts on a show in Brooklyn!

It’s Showtime!
Team Garcia puts on a show in Brooklyn!

by Marc Londo

In 2013, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, became the highest-grossing venue in the U.S. for concerts and family shows (not including sports tickets). As a result, “The House that Jay-Z built” leapfrogged Madison Square... read more

September 25, 2014 Street Movies: A Breath of Fresh Air

Street Movies: A Breath of Fresh Air

by Alex Butt

Imagine for a moment that you can’t buy popcorn at the movie theater. No $9 popcorns. No 54-ounce sodas. Not even a drop of nacho cheese. Instead, fresh garden salads of kale, collards, and carrots grown from the ground right beneath your feet... read more

September 19, 2014 Reppin’ Philly

Reppin’ Philly

by Marc Londo

In a city as diverse as Philadelphia, art serves as a constant dialogue between our communities. Where words don’t dare trespass, the production of art emerges as a visual manifestation of our social conscience... read more

May 23, 2014 Midnight Movie Madness at the Roxy: Castration and Elation

Midnight Movie Madness at the Roxy: Castration and Elation

by Dariel Figueroa

I was warned twice before the first flashes of projector light pushed the images onto the screen inside one of the two theaters situated inside the Roxy movie house... read more

May 15, 2014 Korea In Full Spectrum At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Korea In Full Spectrum At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

by Lissa Alicia

Running in tandem with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Korea: The Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910, exhibition is the Korean Film Series. Every Wednesday in the month of April... read more

May 2, 2014 Far More than Just Words

Far More than Just Words

by Jamillia Kamara

Mike Reid wore causal glasses, a polo shirt, Dockers, and sneaks from Aldo. His demeanor was reflective as he surveyed the sardine stacked room of expectant faces. His vibe is refreshingly familiar for someone who has sold over 25,000 copies of his books... read more


February 5, 2015 Soul Comedy at Warmdaddy’s: Interview with TuRae - Kyle Morris

Soul Comedy at Warmdaddy’s: Interview with TuRae

by Kyle Morris

TuRae has been doing comedy for almost 20 years years. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he discovered his talent after being dared to go on stage in college... read more

November 27, 2013

Standup at the Movies

by Zenique Gardner

Vernon Keith Ruffin, Jr., better known as Keith from Up Da Block, is no slouch when it comes to creating comic relief, making music, and moving the crowd—and he boasts an impressive following of "Blockaholics" and a string of viral videos to prove it... read more