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May 25, 2015
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LindoYes, Spoken Like A True Artist
by Aurica Hurst

LindoYes Lindo is a man of many talents. He can pretty much act, logo design and take candid shots that are noteworthy for any photographers portfolio, but his truth and passion lie in his art form-Spoken Word. Ever since Lindo can remember he was an introvert who always could think creatively and had a way with words but never really could get the words out. The wordplay and creative dialogue that he would come up with would remain in his mind until one day he was inspired to speak out, by a Joe Budden album.

“His lyrics are introspective and his lyrics are relatable to life”, said Lindo. Being captured by films ButterFly Effect, Lindo thought about how he could use his time to be better at the moment. Lindo uses many different art forms, not just music, to get inspired. Films, music, understanding how people think and using comedy as an element gets him to think outside of the box. Lindo mentions comedian George Carlin and attributes his relationship with language and how it has helped him craft his lyrics and message he sends with everything he creates.

LindoYesWord choice and breaking down words and phrases is just one way Lindo uses wordplay to convey truly deep connected messages. Lindo speaks on being more connected to people that have similar interest more recently and piecing together being a lyricist, spoken word artist as well as emcee. Lindo has come a long way from the high school days being inspired by Joe Budden to now constructing his image and doing mixtapes that like no one else’s, his aura says it all-A cool individual that is not tied down by barriers, stereotypes, and being complacent with his own person. Lindo ‘s first mixtape, entitled, “Dreams Inspire” is about everything he dreamed about accomplishing and now making these goals and ambitions turn into concrete plans is an inspiration for anyone that want to branch out and do their own project.

“I’m ready to acclaim my goals and dreams” said Lindo who went on to explain his pursuit of happiness and mission he is on. One track in particularly was “High of Life”, produced by Mike Moore. The song talks about Lindo’s sobriety and getting a natural energy stimulate from living life freely. Something Lindo made clear was that every individual is a celebrity in their own right and how we need to as people. Celebrating ourselves as we are. Lindo a thoughtful artist, brings up the state of hip hop now, “Hip Hop is in a second Golden Era”, said Lindo. He brings up artist that are thought provoking and conversational. Lindo appreciates artists like Nate King Cole, Two Chains, Kendrick Lamar, and J cole.

Mr. Prejudice, 1943, by Horace PippinLindo has graced the stages of Bus Boys & Poets in Washington DC, Voltage Lounge and worked with the great poet Ursula Rucker. One of his most recent spoken word debut is “Bipolar Sunshine” and speaks on womanhood under societal pressures. His next project, “ForeverI”, featuring the latest single “ForeverI”, which will be release later this year. “ForeverI”, is a song about undeniably being who you are which you will always be while maintaining friendships, dealing with doubt and pursuing your dreams.

Word To His Fans and Up and Comers

“Always go further, you’ve gone so far already. Willingness to fail and succeed are equally important and play a part in what you achieve at the end. There is success in failure, leading to longevity. Pushing you towards your goals. Realize failure is a part of your accomplishments” -LindoYes

For more information on LindoYes checkout his media outlets: Youtube facebook soundcloud twitter