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September 25, 2016 WJMS Radio

Radio Reimagined

by Bryan Carter

Jaymie Bowles (better known as Jams), is the the CEO of WJMS Radio, highlighting individuals, organizations, and businesses in the community who are making positive impacts... read more

July 7, 2016 Essence Festival 2016

Essence Festival 2016

by Karen Eckstein-Sarkissian

Essence Magazine, rated one of women's highest and most popular publications, celebrated Essence Fest, one of the largest annual music events celebrating African Americans and Music... read more

June 8, 2016 Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott, a Philadelphia Soul Man

by Aliah Sheffield

Giving back to the community is a big deal for Ashley. He mentors young people through a program called i.c.a.r.e. Academy, which provides useful information... read more

May 21, 2016 PnB Chizz

PnB Chizz - No Cursin

by Main Course

Pnb Chizz stops by Main Course for a brief chat with what's going on and what we can... read more

July 28, 2015 Young Business Minded

Main Course Philadelphia Reviews YBM’s Newest Release

by Ossiana Tepfenhart

YBM, also known as Young Business Minded, is a rap duo composed of Southern rappers by the names of... read more

May 25, 2015 LindoYes, Spoken Like A True Artist

LindoYes, Spoken Like A True Artist

by Aurica Hurst

Lindo is a man of many talents. He can pretty much act, logo design and take candid shots that are noteworthy for any photographers portfolio, but his truth and passion lie in his art form-Spoken Word... read more

March 30, 2015 The Art of Noise - Brooke Brunson

The Art of Noise

by Brooke Brunson

A subcultural movement that began in the 1970’s, hip-hop has always been a musical outlet or form of self-expression... read more

February 12, 2015 Live Forever

Live Forever

by Adriana Fraser

It seems unlikely that a music lover would be able to discover new music next to a neighborhood fire station, but in the heart of North Philadelphia... read more

February 9, 2015 Introducing Michele Karmin

Introducing Michele Karmin

by Lauren DiDonato

If you think Karmin looks familiar, you might be right! In addition to being a songwriter and singer, Karmin has worked as a model and an actress... read more

August 28, 2014 Essence Festival: Celebrating Twenty Years

Essence Festival: Celebrating Twenty Years

by K/D/Morris

It was on average 91 degrees in New Orleans on this year’s July 4th weekend as the city known for its rich culture, history, amazing food and jazz is also the gateway to the beginning many of life's memories... read more

June 19, 2014 The R&B Collective: Interview with Lyn Brown and Eric Roberson

The R&B Collective: Interview with Lyn Brown and Eric Roberson

by Nathan Leff

There’s an unfortunate tendency to talk about Philadelphia R&B in the past tense. While the city’s unique history and place within the scene read like a primer in the genre’s history, there is the mistaken sentiment... read more

June 14, 2014 The Listening Party: Chill Moody

The Listening Party: Chill Moody

by Gina Lee

When I decided on Chill Moody as my first Listening Party write-up, I knew it was important to find a Philadelphia artist with a strong presence in the city, working to make moves outside of the city walls... read more

May 15, 2014 Kidaudra: Forever Young, a Way of Life

Kidaudra: Forever Young, a Way of Life

by Gina Lee

When Kidaudra came to Philly in February 2014 to perform at Excuse Me Miss, an all-ladies music event, the 26-year-old electronic musician didn’t expect her audience to be so receptive to her sound... read more

February 15, 2014 Reginald: Man Behind the Mask - Gina Lee

Reginald: Man Behind the Mask

by Gina Lee

Twenty-four-year-old Reginald Clark has been waiting for our attention since 2010, when he dropped his first mixtape, The Canon: Waiting for Your Attention. Since then, the South Philadelphia native has been unenthusiastically grinding at his nine-to-five, a deed that most of his followers... read more

January 28, 2014 Artist United Honors Philly’s Greatest Musicians - Melissa Simpson

Artist United Honors Philly’s Greatest Musicians

by Melissa Simpson

Philly is known for having deep musical roots that trail back to the Soul and Motown era of the 60’s and beyond. Philadelphia International Records, founded by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, was the epicenter for soul legends of the likes of Teddy Pendergrass and Patti LaBelle. .. read more

January 11, 2014 Live at The Fire: Mocha and the Jew - Gina Lee

Live at The Fire: Mocha and the Jew

by Gina Lee

An unoccupied Canopus drum set, a vacant keyboard, one mocha girl with a mic in her hand, and a Jewish guitar player; they were Mocha and the Jew, as they call themselves. Clever... read more

December 14, 2013 Su Picasso - Tiffany Livingston

Su Picasso, Artist and Humanitarian

by Tiffany Livingston

Su Picasso is not only a musician; he is a humanitarian and a positive role model for the youth today. Over the past 3 years, Su Picasso has been making his mark, growing his fan base in Philadelphia, and gaining international notoriety in Germany and Tokyo... read more