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August 31, 2015
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Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love or the Next Fashion Capital?
by Lena Ma

G.Leon by Alicia PinckneyNew York City. Paris. London. Milan. Barcelona. The top five fashion capitals of the global world. Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs from New York City, Coco Chanel and Christian Louboutin from Paris, and Gucci and Prada from Milan have all walked the fashion runways and branded themselves as the major icons in the fashion industry, leading crowds of loyal followers wherever they go. Luckily, these top fashion capitals are not set in stone. The fashion business grows and fades with each passing breath and designers throughout the world are always in one moment and out the next.

Philadelphia is becoming more than the City of Brotherly Love. The growing fashion visions and messages that local designers and artists strive to share have become public and are climbing up the ladder, including Dom Streater, a Philadelphia native who won Project Runway Season 12. With more and more designers, makeup artists and models seeking for the chance to evolve outside of their enclosed bubbles, Philadelphia Fashion Week provides the amazing opportunity for those who have something to say to say it. With the unique stories that each and every designer wishes to share, Philly Fashion Week provides them the rewarding opportunity to showcase their designs and collections to potential buyers, clients and the Press. Their styles are unlike those portrayed endlessly in Los Angeles or New York City; their styles are personal to themselves and to their hometown of Philadelphia. Fashion week also gives designers a chance to get published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar or contribute to editorials and media outlets. However, the most important aspect that Philly Fashion Week prides itself on is the chance to help small local businesses get their names out into the community and drive in more clienteles.

So for all of those who have ever dreamed of being on the runway or have watched Project Runway and wonder what miracles need to first happen before that can? Fashion Week can make that happen! Philly Fashion Week is all about how faith, passion and the right drive can make even seemingly impossible dreams come true, and how inspired individuals like you and I can become fashion icons.

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2015 Join other passionate individuals in making their dreams ignite in the Philadelphia Fashion Week showcasing on August 31st – September 4th, featuring kick off parties, couture, mens and ready-to-wear styles, along with a special guest feature, Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion week and one of the greatest fashion icons, during Philly Fashion Week. This is a show that you would NOT want to miss!

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