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October 22, 2016
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Catching up with Robert Shearn III
by Main Course PHL

Robert Shearn III Robert Shearn III

My backstory - I always had a creative mind since I was young and have a love for the arts. In high school, I enjoyed art class and after graduating, I became a Computer Aided Drafter/Designer. Later in my life, I created graphic designs on my own clothing line; RS3 Creations (no longer sold in stores). Shortly afterwards I became a model for artists, art schools and art photographers that included costume and nude posing. Eventually, I did runway and print modeling that lead me to acting/directing.

What’s your acting journey like? How has affected your personal and professional life?
It has been a truly amazing journey to meet and perform with actors that I saw on film & TV: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Nero, Chris Tucker, Clifton Powell, and Tosha Smith. In addition, when I watch TV now and notice other locally known actors popping up I’m shouting, “There is so & so!”

How has 2016 been treating you? Anything good happen this year?
2016 has been good to me. I had a great opportunity acting as Police Officer on TV One’s For My Man in episode 4. I have a feature in a global magazine based out of Las Vegas called Urban Release. My other notable memories include being in New York City on their #1 Internet radio station called Citywide radio, my time as an assistant director for a short film named Wednesday Eulogy aired on TV, Philly Comcast 66 & Verizon 33 that was also screened twice. I’m in artistic nude photos taken by Italian Photographer Angelo Musco that are in a magazine in Italy that focuses on art, architecture, fashion and lifestyle called Artribune, May 2016. I performed as an actor for two different animated characters in an award winning film called Black Mamba screened at the African American Museum in the Philadelphia Film Festival. My other performances include a theatrical stage performance promoting non-violence and equality on Bastille Day 2016 at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia; supported the first Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Awards as a Patron. During the Christmas holiday of 2015, I volunteered to personally purchase and deliver a gift to a boy from his Christmas list for making the Honor Roll.

Where do you see yourself by the end of 2016? In the next 5 years?
In the future, I see myself taking on bigger acting roles, more global exposure, and speaking to children about bullying, acting, modeling, and entrepreneurship.

What’s your most memorable acting experience?
My most memorable experience is my very first time being on a movie set. I was on the set of Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper & Robert De Nero. The movie director selected me to do a bar scene along with Bradley Cooper out of an entire group of others. Even though the director cut the scene, I am still in the club scene. That moment is when I got the acting bug.

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Any words or shout outs to your fans and support people?
My last words? Pursuing acting is one of the hardest jobs around. No one knows what he or she can do unless they try it. It’s not about fortune and fame. You have to love the craft to succeed. You cannot take negative criticism personally because everyone is going to have an opinion. Be strong and do not let it hold you back from moving on. Your next opinion can be the positive one you were waiting for.
Thanks to God for watching over me through my journey and seeing me through it all. Thanks to my mother for recognizing my creative talent. Thanks to Tyrone Clark for being my assistant and being my biggest supporter. Thanks to all the people that are fans of my work or inspired by me in any way.

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