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February 12, 2015
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Live Forever
by Adriana Fraser

Live Forever It seems unlikely that a music lover would be able to discover new music next to a neighborhood fire station, but in the heart of North Philadelphia, there is one place that serves as a home for passionate music creators and their followers.

Passion and energy can be felt reverberating down Girard Street. The Fire, Philadelphia’s quaint concert venue and bar dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming artists, has been burning brightly with fresh musical talent for over a decade. Since 2001, The Fire has been a thriving music scene with an extensively eclectic bill of performers. Since its inception, The Fire has been a host to artists such as Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, and John Legend on their rise to stardom. Today, it is still a home for developing artists blazing their way through the music industry.

In December 2014, The Fire played host to a crowd of dedicated friends and followers of a roster of talented hip-hop newcomers at Prince Alexander’s ‘Live Forever’ concert. The ‘Live Forever’ concert featured several up-and-coming artists including: Curtis Hobbs, Justified Rhythm, Rich Flow, West Side Gunz, Trazsh Man, Trel Mac, Mike Czar, and Prince Alexander.

Live Forever As each artist made his way to the intimate stage, intensity, camaraderie, and an unquenchable desire to leave it all on the stage could be felt. Each performer’s hunger to deliver clever metaphors, catchy hooks, and memorable flows fueled the crowd’s excitement until the wee hours of the morning.

The electrifyingly energetic emcee Trazsh Man summed up the overall desire of each ‘Live Forever’ performer.

“I [don’t] want to die with this rap in me. I [want] to be empty,” the Camden native says.

The stage became a hip-hop vessel as each performer emptied their musical souls out to an audience of faithful fans. Many of the artists became fans themselves as they rapped along to their fellow emcee’s set lists.

With diverse hip-hop styles, each ‘Live Forever’ performer left the unwavering crowd wanting more. The standing room only venue brought the audience and the emcees together as the artists strived from lyrical longevity.

“I just want to live forever,” concert headliner Prince Alexander says.

The Fire harnesses the energy of its performers and encapsulates the unyielding determination of those trying to get their sound heard. With band stickers and aging hand-carved relics plastered on the walls, the desire to live forever seems to be the essence that continually flows throughout the music venue. The Fire continues to bring refreshing and new sounds to the Philadelphia area while propelling its legacy in the music scene.

To learn more about the Fire visit their website
Prince Alexander
Trazsh Man
Photography by Darryl Cobbs